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    @ Bambara Aven Timmerman

    I had a video specifically for the text layer setup but I can’t find it.  It must have been misplaced when I redid all of the website tutorial pages for version 9.  I will need to make a new video for that this week sometime. I’ll post a link after I make the new video.

    You need to make a text layer where you want the text to go with the same name as the CSV header using the designated SPA valid names. So for POSITION as an example, the PSD template would have a text layer called POSITION. In the layer, put some placeholder text with maximum width you want the text to be.  Then you can use scaling mode X or XM to auto scale the text if you want as described on the CSV documentation page.  The layer name must be all caps/no spaces using the exact naming specifications that are on the CSV documentation page.  Also, the text layer must be “Point text”, not “Paragraph text”. After you have the text layers set up and named properly, you can use the button called “Convert text to point” in SPA under the PSD template setup section.  You can also use any layer styles in the text layer too and those will transfer to the new text.

    Here is a link to the CSV documentation for how the CSV files.

    Sports Photo Automation – CSV Data

    Here is another link to all of the tutorials.  If you go through these, I may show the text layer setup somewhere in one of the videos.  Again, I will make a new video for that, probably won’t be until Tuesday however because I will be out of the office tomorrow.

    Sports Photo Automation Tutorials

    Here is a video specific for using CSV files. It may cover PSD text layer creation in it, but I don’t think so.

    It’s bugging me that I can’t find the other video I made. Not sure if I removed it from the page or forgot to upload it when I switched over al of the tutorials to the new version. In any case, I will add this video to the others this week.  If I find the old video before then I will post it.