All Pixnub plugin installations in Photoshop CC 2022 require the latest plugin updates in order to activate. There have been several changes in Photoshop 2022 which required plugins had to be updated for. For CC 2021 or earlier, the old versions will continue to work without interruption.

Please DO NOT submit a support ticket for old an plugin version in CC 2022 without updating the plugins.

Download Updates Here

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Pre Sales Questions

If you have any product related questions then go here. Note that this form isn’t for tech support. For etch support, please use one of the other options listed below.

General Product Questions

Common Software Issues

This page contains fixes for some of the most common software issues. Many issues can be quickly solved. Check this first before submitting a ticket.

Common Software Issues Page

License Key Lookup

If you lost your license key then you can look it up ionline without needing to contact us.

For perpetual license keys, go to this form and it will send you an email with your key. 

Perpetual License Key Lookup Form

For Platinum License Keys, they will be on the orders page in your platinum account. They will show under the original subscription order (not the renewal orders).

Platinum Club Orders Page

Install / Activation Support Ticker

If you have an install or activation issue then you can ask either in a ticker here or in the tech support forum.  However, If you aren’t a Platinum subscriber then you will need to ask here because the support forum is only available on the Platinum webpage.

Tickets are responded to during normal business hours which are Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM.  For priority tickets, we attempt to respond after hours and on weekends whenever possible.

Install / Activation Ticket

Tech Support - Platinum Subscribers

The tech support forum is the “Official” place to ask for any tech support.  Also, if you have any “how to” training type question and you want a response from Pixnub, then submit here. This forum requires a Platinum subscription to access.

Tech Support Forum

Platinum Facebook Group

The Pixnub Platinum member facebook group is available for Platinum members to join.  You can ask any questions in this group. However, it is not the official company tech support response page.  This is a great place to get community feedback if you want input from other users. Also, it is a good place to ask question after hours on nights or weekends if you don’t want to wait until normal business hours to get a response from Pixnub in the tech support forum.

Platinum Member Facebook Group