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Platinum Club

NEW – Pixnub Platinum Club!

The Pixnub Platinum club includes all Pixnub Software for as low as $15/month. Membership also includes a member only website sections with a tech support forum, priority support tickets, free monthly bonus procucts, plus more included content coming!

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EZ Green Screen

EZ Green Screen is the gold standard for chroma key photography software. It has a non-detructive layer based extraction system. It comes with a batch processing system too.

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Face Crop

New! Face Crop is a new GAME CHANGING volume image cropping system. It is perfect for school photography. It is THE ONLY software on the market that can accuarely align to the top of hair bows, tall hair styles, graduation, caps, ect.

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EZ Team Builder

EZ Team Builder is used to create virtual teams from cutout images. It has single row mode and multi-row modes. There are a lot of adjustable parameters so you can customize how it builds the team composites. It can build up to 12 rows with up to 100 images per row for a group composite.

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EZ Team Builder is available as part of the Pixnub Platinum Subscription.

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Background Swapper

New! Background Swapper is the simplest way to add multiple backgrounds to an entire folder of cutouts. For school portrait composites, it works great in tandem with Face Crop batching.

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Background Swapper is available as part of the Pixnub Platinum Club Subscription.

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    Sports Photo Automation

    Sports Photo Automation is a composition creation batch processing system. It is for sports compositions including memory mates. It works with either cutout images or non-cutout images. It has a data input option for text replacement and other features.

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    Sports Photo Automation is available as part of the Pixnub Platinum Subscription.

    Hot Folder

    Great For Experts in Photoshop! Hot Folder is a batch processing system that processes actions on images. It can run either post processing or run from a watch folder for a tethered set up. It can run up to 12 actions per image and save up to 12 different copies. The workflow options are unlimited… but this IS NOT a novice tool 🙂

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    Image Extract

    Image Extract is an extraction system for white or gray screen. It doesn’t do “1-click” extractions like EZ Green Screen does. However, it will still save you time. It has a really good edge clean up process to give nice clean extraction edges.

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    Image Extract is available as part of the Pixnub Platinum Subscription.

    Workflow Helper

    Workflow Helper is a batch processor for manual editing. It will open each images in a folder 1 at a time and allow you to edit the image in Photoshop.  When you are ready to save, you click a button to continue and it will save the image and open the next image automatically.  It saves a lot of time when editing a folder of images and helps you keep track of you progress,

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