Sports Photo Automation Tutorials

SPA 8 Changes

This page covers the most important changes to SPA 8 from SPA 7.  We are in the process of completing all of the SPA 8 tutorials. However, SPA 8 is similar enough to SPA 7 that the SPA 7 tutorial are still valid and can be adapted to SPA 8.

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Getting Started

This tutorial is a the first tutorial for how to start building composites with SPA.

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Image Alignment Mode

This tutorial discusses how the different auto alignment modes work for both teams and individuals.

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CSV File Setup

This shows how to setup CSV files for auto text replacement, auto text scaling, file name override, background file override, etc.

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Memory Mate Setup and Processing

Note: A New SPA 8 tutorial for this is coming soon. However, this tutorial can still be used and adapted for SPA 8.

This shows you the basics for how to set up the memory mates workflow. This same workflow works for any layout with either cutout images or standard non-cutout images.

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Pause Steps For Editing

SPA includes multiple ways to pause the batch for editing the image with the ability to continue the batch after the editing is completed.

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Running Photoshop Actions

You can customize the batch processing by having SPA run your own Photoshop actions. This can be done from the batch process settings or form a CSV file.

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Dynamic PSD Templates Setup

You can set up your PSD templates with Photoshop action that can quickly changes the color or graphics with 1 click.  The actions can also be ran by SPA during automation.

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“Off Label” Use Case Examples

You can use the Sports Photo Automation plugins non-sports use cases too. There are many different automation workflows that it is very helpful for.

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