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    For EZ Green Screen, I plan to have better online written documents for EZGS 7. However, I’m not going to be making anything for version 6 because it will be discontinued soo. Version 7 will be much different as it is a complete rebuild.


    For SPA…….

    I do have written descriptions for what all 10 alignment modes do on this page. Above each video, there is a brief description of each alignment mode. SO you can read through these much quicker than re-watching the videos. As far as a cheat sheet telling you which to use, there is really no way to do that. There are hundreds of templates layouts. Then even for the same template, depending on the posing and/or camera cropping, the mode may be different for what you want to use. So you really need to understand how the modes work so you can make the best decision on which one to use based on your knowledge of how they work.

    Sports Photo Automation Image Alignment Modes

    For CSV setup, I have a very thorough written document for all of the CSV settings too.

    Sports Photo Automation – CSV Data


    As far as PFDs go, they are much more time consuming to create than building the documents on the website in WordPress (what the Pixnub site uses). So for any more I create, they will be on the webpage, but not a downloadable PDF. I know that I need to create some more written docs. Hopefully after I am finished with EZGS 7 and the class compositor I am working on I will have time. It is only one of me and my time is spread too thin between plugin development, tech support, and everything else with running a business.