Platinum Club Details

The Pixnub Platinum Club is a membership program for Pixnub software users which includes the following.

  • Subscription for ALL Pixnub plugins
  • Monthly FREE product
  • Member Only Priority Support Tickets
  • + more content coming soon


Annual Plans With License and Tech Support

Annual plans come with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 computer license key. The license will work for all Pixnub plugins.
Additionally, any existing perpetual keys you have will work as well in addition to the Platinum key. If you already have older perpetual keys and just need tech support then you can get the Tech Support only license here.

Tech Support Only Plan

The tech support only plan doesn’t come with any license keys. It is for people who already have older perpetual key(s) and only need tech support. It also comes with the free monthly graphics product downloads.  The older perpetual licenses include 12 months of tech support. If your older licenses are older than 12 months you would need this plan if you want tech support.