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    Your question is to broad, vague, and non-specific to really be able to provide a good answer for.

    If you are asking how to perform your photoshoot then that is really beyond the scope of Pixnub tech support. Every photographer has their own way of organizing their photo shoot. I don’t shoot T&I myself, I just make the automation software. For any advice on the shooting side, I suggest asking the other users on the facebook group.

    As far as running SPA, you have 2 options. Either you can run a separate batch for each product, or you can run 1 large batch for all products. There is no right or wrong way. However, if you are making one large batch then the CSV file is more complicated to set up. You need to add in a row for each composite. so if you are making 3 composites for the same player file, that file needs in the first column for 3 rows. Each row is the build instructions for one composite only. SPA go through the CSV one row at a time and build a composite to correspond to the data in each row.

    How you get the data into the CSV is up to you. Pixnub doesn’t have a data collection system. That is on your side to do. There are many different ways photographers collect and organize their data. A lot depends on the systems they use. For example, an H+H users could use the H+H Pixnub dedicated system to automatically create a TSV file for Pixnub. However, a Got Photo user will have to export the data through the meat data export and then organize the data in excel and make their own.I really don’t have step by step instruction for how to get your data into excel and organize it. The spreadsheet editing knowledge is up to the users to know how to do.

    I do have a webpage that goes over how the data needs to be set up. See this page which explains exactly how all of the data need entered. However, this only explain what data needs to go into CSV and doesn’t provide intructions for how to colect the data or how to use a spreadsheet editor.

    You can view the CSV data instructions here.

    Sports Photo Automation – CSV Data

    For any question about how to set up and organize your photo shoot, I would ask from the other users in our facebook group here.


    If you have any further tech support questions, then please ask a specific question for something you are stuck on. For example, if you are having a hard time understanding how to add the player setup layers in your template then ask that specific question. However, just asking “How do I use Pixnub?” is too broad of a question to be able to answer in a post.