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Damon Bell

    This is an issue with Adobe Creative Cloud.

    First thing to try is to restart the computer. That will often fix the issue with error 02.

    If restarting the computer doesn’t work then here are the options.

    1. You can try reinstalling the Creative Cloud app. That will usually fix the issue….. but not always.

    2. You can contact Adobe tech support. They would be better able to troubleshoot issue with the Adobe Creative Cloud app and can maybe fix it without reinstalling. Other than reinstalling, I really have no idea how to fix Creative Cloud. AI know Adobe has fixed it for other users without reinstalling but not sure what they did to fix it.

    3. If you don’t feel like messing with the Creative Cloud app to fix it then you can install Pixnub manually. I created manual installer that don’t use CCX installers. This is really easy to install. You basically just unzip the folder and move it into place. However, you must also uninstall the old CCX version or else Photoshop will probably use the old version and not the new version when there are 2 versions installed. Here is the download page for the manual installer. There are written instructi0ons and a video too showing how to properly installer the files manually.

    I realize that this bug is super annoying…. but the bug is in the Adobe app itself so nothing I can do to fix it on the Pixnub side other than provide the manual installers.

    Manual Plugin Installation

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