Manual Plugin Install Procedure.

Note: The procedure is the same for Window and Mac

Download Link –

  1. If you have custom Presets for Face Crop and/or EZ Team Builder than you will want to Export those.  Then you can import the presets after manually installing the new versions. In Face Crop and EZ Team Builder, click the Manage Presets button. This has options to Export/.Import your custom presets.  Select the Export option
  2. If you have already installed prior versions of Pixnub plugins through CCX files then you will need to uninstall those first. If you don’t uninstall those then Photoshop will use the version that was installed with the CCX file and ignore the versions that was manually installed.  To uninstall, Open Photoshop. Then go to Plugins>Manage Plugins.  Click the checkbox that says “Installed” and it will show you all installed plugins. Click the dropdown for each plugin and select “Uninstall”.
  3. Download the manual plugin installer files. It will download as a .zip folder. You will need to unzip the folder. In mac, just double click to unzip. In Windows, right clack and select “Extract All”.
  4. In the uzipped folder you will find a folder called Pixnub. Under the Pixnub folder, there are individual folders for each plugin.  To install all Pixnub plugins, copy the entire folder called Pixnub into the Photoshop plugins folder.  To install individual plugins, copy just the folder(s) for the plugins you want into the Photoshop plugins folder.  The Photoshop plugins folder locations are listed below. The path for CC 2022 is the same except labeled as CC 2022. The plugins will work in either 2022, 2023m, and 2024/ However, you will need to copy into each location that you want the plugins to run.

    Windows : C:Program FilesAdobe Photoshop 2024Plug-ins
    Mac: Applications/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop 2024/Plug-ins

  5. Restart Photoshop and you will see the plugins under the Plugins menu.
  6. If you exported custom presets for face Crop and/or EZ Team Builder then Import those under the Manage Presets button.

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