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    There is a checkbox to use Select Subject edges for player modes 2,3,4,5 and 6. It runs exactly the same as it does now except the edge alignment is based on Photoshop Select Subject tool (so it is only as accurate as Select Subject will select the person). Other then that, the alignment modes work exactly the same. So check that box.

    When setting up the template, it you want to inset a placeholder image then select non-cutouts.

    My guess it you will want to use modes 2 or 3. You can scale to the feet are off-canvas by place the red alignment marks off canvas. That will be the bottom of the Select Subject selection.

    Also, make sure you are shooting wide enough so you can fill the template with your image. It will align the select subject edges to the red marks. If the ends up with empty space because you didn’t shoot wide enough the n it won’t adjust for that. It only cares about fitting the select subject selection and face to the alignment marks. It does not consider or care how much surrounding image you have to work with. that part is on you to get figured out when shooting based on what you are doing in the template design.

    See these screenshots and also see the tutorials for the alignment modes. The tutorials show cutouts but as mentioned, it works exactly the same for non-cutouts, as long as you select non-cutouts when adding the custom player and check on Use Select Subject when running the batch.

    Here are screenshots and also the link to the alignment modes tutorials

    Sports Photo Automation Image Alignment Modes

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