Pixnub Standard Graphics License

Graphics files sold on pixnub.com are copyright © Pixnub and/or the vendor of the product, all rights reserved.

Note: pixnub.com is a multi vendor website. The actual copyright holder will be the specific vendor. Some items will contain a joint copyright between Pixnub and the vendor when the designs contain graphics from both parties.

Restrictions for Photo Labs:

The standard product license does not include lab use. Labs that wish to use our graphics files must obtain an extended use license. Please contact us for details. This restriction applies to all of our PSD templates, graphics, digital backgrounds, Photoshop brushes, layer styles, and Photoshop actions. This restriction applies to both digital and printed products.

Restrictions for Template Vendors:

Graphics purchased from pixnub.com can’t be used in your own designs that you sell or give away, except as negotiated and licensed with Pixnub and/or the copyright holding vendor of the graphics.

General License (for photographers):

Graphics files and PSD templates purchased on pixnub.com may be used royalty free under the follow conditions.

1. The license is granted to the person or company that purchases the graphics files. The graphics files can’t be redistributed to other people or companies.
– Graphics contained in PSD templates can’t be redistributed or included in other templates that are distributed.

2. Images may be sold as digital files or prints when the graphics file is combined with an image of a person in such a manner that the original graphics can’t be separated from the image of the person.
– For digital files being sold, the template and the image of a person must be merged into a single layer (flattened).
– Images may not be sold or distributed for free unless combined with an image of a personas described above.