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Hot Folder Tutorials

Batch Processing

This video shows a quick overview of batch processing with Hot folder.

Hot Folder Mode

This tutorial shows how to set up the processor to run as a hot folder for a tethered camera setup.

Pausing the batch processing

This video shows how to pause the batch processing to allow access to the Photoshop menu between actions.  After pressing continue, the batch processing resumes where it left off.

EZ Green Screen Batch Process Demo

You can save 100s of hours batching your ENTIRE green screen workflow.  This is a demonstration. See the tutorials in the next 2 videos below.

Advanced Green Screen Batch Process Part 1

You can batch process the ENTIRE green screen workflow and save huge amounts of time. This method requires the EZ Green Screen and Hot Folder plugins.

Advanced Green Screen Batch Process Part 2

This is a continuation of the tutorial from video 1.