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    With the latest release SPA 9.2.4, it will ignore the device/cloud preset in Photoshop. SPA will always for device mode regardless of the preset value.

    It could be that Photoshop Select Subject is selecting more than just the player….. or not selecting the entire player.  If that is the caes then there is nothing that can be done.

    Here is what I want you to do….  but first make sure you have version 9.2.4 installed.

    Please open the template so the red alignment marks are visible.

    Then go to the SPA and into the PSD setup screen.

    From there, select “add custom player image”.

    When it prompts for cutout or non-cutout, select non-cutout.

    Add a player image that isn’t working correctly.

    Now you should see the player in the image with the alignment marks.  Post a screen shot with the player in the image with the alignment marks.

    Now open just that same player image. Run Select Subject in Photoshop using device mode, not cloud (preset must be set to device). Post a screen shot showing the selection made by select subject.