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    I just realized that you were asking about Image Extract, not EZ Green Screen.  With EZ Green Screen you can sometimes extract strings.

    However, with Image Extract there is really nothing that can be changed other than the option for Cloud or Device.  Image Extract just uses the Photoshop Select Subject AI. Adobe has the option to use the local AI model on the computer or the more advance Cloud AI model.  If the cloud option doesn’t work then there is nothing that can be done to make it better.

    As it stands now, the Adobe AI model works pretty well for people but not for objects. So Image Extract is good for things liek school portraits. However, for sports with equipment, it often not good with equipment. The cloud option works OK for bats and other solid objects… but Device mode doesn’t.  However, neither Device or Cloud typically work well for strings.

    As Adobe improves the selection AI, Image Extract will automatically improve.  Until then, it’s best to just use Image Extract for the types of images that it works well with.

    For complex extractions with sports equipment, it may be better to outsource those to a service like SkyLab that has special AI extraction models that work better with that sort of thing. … at lest that is the case right now.  Maybe one day the Photoshop AI models will catch up to the online extraction services, no way to know for sure.