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    Sorry but EZ Green Screen flattens images first before extracting. It needs to start with a single layer image without transparency. So anything transparent will become white.

    You would need to develop a work flow to extract the floor after extraction.  Maybe on the extracted images try something like this.

    1. select subject

    2. invert the selection

    3. intersect the selection so only the bottom is selected

    4. mask out the bottom

    Anyway, I really don’t provide support for creating custom actions step by step.  So it will be up to you to experiment and test and come up with an exact workflow that works post extraction. The method listed above should be a decent guideline for a starting point though.

    Also, if there was a reliable way to do it then I would have built it into EZGS already.  The Select Subject tool is just not reliable enough (yet) for me to trust it enough to build this directly into EZGS… because too many images would need touched up and I didn’t want to have to explain that every time it didn’t work right for soemone.  However, if Select Subject improves enough in the future so it is more reliable then I already have plans to build a better workflow to do what you are trying to do.

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