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    So you are running a custom action? If so, then it sounds like the issue is with your action. That isn’t really an issue with SPA itself.

    Without me knowing what the action steps are, it is impossible to say what you did wrong when making the action. You will need to troubleshoot your action using a cutout image just like you want it to run in the batch.

    One thing with action too, make sure the first step in the action is set to select the layer you want it to start processing with. This way, if SPA ends it’s composite building on a different layer, then the action forces it to select the layer that you need the action to work on. SPA can’t read you mind and know where to start. The action must tell it what layer to go to to start at.

    Beyond that, you really need to test your action on a finished composite exactly as SPA builds it. So run a batch with one image and turn the action OFF in SPA. If you need it to run with cutouts then make sure to have it build the composite with a cutout without the action being turned on. Have SPA save as a PSD when running the batch of 1 image. Then you will have the finished composite exactly as SPA will build it. Your action needs to be able to work with that exact file structure. Then record your action from that PSD. Make sure to include the first step in the action to select the layer you want to work on.

    If you are purchasing actions online then there is really no way to know that the action will work properly with the layered composite file. So all bets are off on that. You need to design your action around the composite structure that SPA builds.

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