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    Is the message actually stopping the processing?

    That message is not actually an error. It is Photoshop telling you that you can’t use whatever it copied in the clipboard to paste into another program. It is Photoshop trying to be helpful by just say “FYI”. That is because Photoshop has something larger on the clipboard than the Windows or Mac operating system can handle. So for example, if you copied a large image from Photoshop and tried to paste into Facebook, a word processing program, email, or any other program it wouldn’t work if the image was too big for the OS to handle. If the image is too large, the the OS can’t carry the image over to the other program. Since EZ Green Screen has to copied layers as part of the processing, that is why it is putting images onto the clipboard.

    The message typically occurs when you try to switch from viewing Photoshop to another program.

    So 3 option here.

    Option 1 – If it doesn’t actually stop the processing, then you can just live with the message popping up. However, if it stops the processing then you need to use options 2 or 3.

    Option 2 – You can let the batch run without navigating away from the Photoshop screen. The message shouldn’t occur unless you try to navigate away from Photoshop.

    Option 3 – You can turn off the “Export Clipboard” option in the Photoshop preferences. This option is in the General Section of the Photoshop preferences. This will make the messages stop. However, you then won’t be able to copy images from photoshop and paste into Facebook, email, etc.

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