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    What is happening is the Photoshop AI is seeing a “face” in the hands.  Then SPA gets the face coordinates from the hands and SPA then puts the hand where the face is suppose to go and scales based on that.

    I have seen this a few time before and it is always certain poses, almost exactly like the pose that you are doing that cause it.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know of an easy way to fix it.  I don’t have control over the face detection AI. SPA just uses the build in face detection that Photoshop already has. It is the same face detection that the Face Aware Liquify tool uses in Photoshop.

    If you open up any of the cutouts where you saw this happen and then run Filter > Liquify in Photoshop, you will see that Photoshop sees 2 faces.  From what I’ve seen in the past, sometimes Photoshop calls the hands Face 1 and sometime the hands are Face 2.

    I haven’t heard of this issue being brought up in quite some time so I thought Adobe had improved the face detection AI.  It seems that certain photos will still do it. If you send me all of the files that it happns with then I can use those for R&D to see if I can come up with a work around for the future. I wouldn’t be anytime soon because it’s not a simple fix…. and also could add time to the processing.

    I think what I would need to do is have it look for when Photoshop sees 2 faces. Then it it finds both it would have to use the coordinates for the top most face.  This would essentially double the face detection time and significantly slow down the processing, even for batches that don’t have the issue. That is why I have never implemented that solution.

    It would be best if Adobe updated their AI model so this didn’t happen. However, my only alternative is to create that workaround as mentioned. So please send me as many images as you can so I can have a group of images for R&D.

    For sure, I wouldn’t have anything in place in time for this job of yours. So you will have to just place those images manually for this job.  What you can do for this job is put the affected cutouts into their own folder. And then rerun a batch with those using the “Pause to Scale” option and you can scale each of them in place.

    Another option is to use alignment mode 4.  That aligns based on edge detection and centers to the edges, but not the face.  That mode won’t be affected by the bug.

    See this screenshot of where I am looking to know that Photoshop see 2 faces.  If you apply face adjustments to the face that is the hands, you will see things like “smile” curve the fingers where it thinks the mouth is.