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    It happened 3 times in 160 images so not a major thing Im not sure if I had the selections wrong or not though. I don’t think I did so not sure. The thing with mine was the area wasn’t like a highlite, so it seemed odd as well

    My Reply:
    Question 1 – Windows or Mac? If Mac, is it Intel or M1/M2?

    Question 2 – What exact Photoshop release version?

    Question 3  – Is it repeatable for the same 3 images if you run those again?  I need to know if it is random if  it is an image specific issue. So can you run  a batch with only those 3 images and see if it happens?

    If those same images have the issue then can you send me one of the images to test?  If not, then maybe we can schedule a time to do a screen share.

    What is happening is for some reason it is double extracting the images. It is extracting the first time, then flattening the image against white and then extracting again.  I have never seen this before so I really don’t know why it is \happening. I haven’t been able to repeat it in my testing but I would really like to be able see it happen.