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    There is no “Auto Edit” batch option.  There is an “Extract Auto” and there is an “Extract + Edit”.  So you are either chooeing Auto or Edit but not “Auto Edit”.

    So I will assume you are using “Extract Auto” for step 1.

    In any case, regardless of how it happened,  the image from your screenshot was extracted twice.  The Image Extract layer (the one with the mask), has no floor in the image. So that layer was an extracted image that was flattened on white and then rextracted.

    So what I want to to do is run a batch on original images again…. make sure trhey are original images and there are not any extracted images mixed in the folder.  Then open the image up directly in Photoshop through File > open in the Photoshop menu.  Do the images look normal?

    Now after checking to ensure the PSDs all loook nnormal, run the second batch using “Edit PSD Files”….. bot NOT “Extract + Edit”.
    Does it now work?

    Let me know.  If you are still having issues then lets just do a screen share. I’m sure I can spot the issue if watching it on your screen.

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