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    That is because the Template set doesn’t have a layout setup for 71 files.  Did you watch the videos?  I explain this in the videos.  Right now, one of the reasons this is still in test release is because I don’t have templates made….. and tempaltes are too complicated for many users to create.  I think the standard template only gores up to 50 in the template developers kit. I also included the smart object layouts for 120 and 300.  But those are just a starting point for users to create their own. So you would need to start with the 120 layout and build your own design…. which will build but have a bunch of empty slots.

    This works differently than EZ Team Builder. With EZ Team Builder, there are adjustment numbers for spacing, sizeing, ect. With EZ Composites, there are no adjustment numbers. All of the layouts comes from the design itself. That makes it easy to run and desaign can be highly customized…….. but the PSD designs need to include spots for all of the images. It won’t just add files to the images unless there is a placeholder spot for each one.  So if there are 71 images, a PSD layout file needs to exist in that set with 71 or more slots for the images to go into.

    Anyway, watch all of these videos as I explain it in a lot more detail.  If it seems the PSD design work is too difficult then you will need to wait until later this summer. I plan to release some pre made template sets that will work out of the box. Then the targetted “official” release of the plugin will be before fall season. Right now, the plugin is not even “officially” released yet.  It is released only in test mode and without a supply of templates.  So if you know Photoshop well enough to design your own you are free to do that. However, these templates as mentioned, are pretty involved to make.

    My original plan all along was to release before fall of 2023. However, I just released the test version earlier for those who wanted to venture into making their own layouts if it was more than 50.  With 50 or less is is pretty simple because I already made a decent layout set for that.

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