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    You can’t put it into an action because Photoshop can’t record anything from the plugins menu at all. This is not just Pixnub either. This limitation applies to any plugin created from any developer on the new system which is anything under the Plugins menu in Photoshop.

    I have been asking for 2 years now about when this will be possible. I asked again in the last Adobe developer meeting. I was told it was on their “back log” of things to complete but they didn’t have an ETA.  So it could be a month it could be 5 years. No one knows a timeline.

    Even after Adobe makes it possible, I would then still need to update the plugin to work with actions and I don’t know how involved that is.  For EGS 6 which was created on the old deprecated extendscript system, making it action recordable was a huge PITA.  So I’m guess on the new system it will be involved and require some significant coding changes… if/when Adobe releases the capabilities to even do it.

    So the bottom line is that this is a top priority for EZGS 7 but it just isn’t possible now.  As soon as Adobe add in the API structure to do it then I will be making the upgrades as time permits.  However, since Adobe won’t give a timeline for the API updates, I have no idea when this will be available. I wish I had a timeline but just no way to know.