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    2 things here…..

    1. you never answered the other question I has about the max foreground retention and max shadow removal.  Did you try with those turned off?  Those for sure can make the hair look worse.

    2. Another big difference is the smart radius mode “Replace” you are using in EZGS 6.   EZGS 7 is the equivalent of using Smart Radius mode “Blend”, not “Replace”.  The issue with the “Replace” option is it can erase parts of the head on dual mask, especially with a higher smart radius.  With the Auto refine hair, Photoshop uses a very high radius and makes it prone to erasing hair. That is why EZGS 7 uses the “Blend” mode from EZGS 6. That blends the single mask with the dual mask preventing the head parts from getting erased by the refine hair.

    So the bottom line here is that if turning off the max shadow and foreground options doesn’t give you good enough hair and you want to use the “Replace” mode then you will have to stick with EZGS 6 for now.

    I may build in a dual mask option in version 7 that works just like version 6.  It would then be an option for the auto refine or dual mask, which ever the user choses. I can’t mix the “Replace” options with the auto refine because that turns out to be a mess much of the time in the extractions. I have already tested that. I may work on the dual mask option this summer to have it ready before fall season.  I am still undecided on this.  A lot will depend on what capabilities Adobe adds into the plugins API in the next few months.