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Damon Bell

    I’m not sure what the source of the freezing is so we will need to troubleshoot the issue.

    1. Are you running with a CSV data file? IF so then please try running without the loading data file. It won’t replace any text items without the data file but this will test if the issue is coming from the data file. If it doesn’t freeze without the data file then we will know the issue is coming from soemthing is the data file.

    2. If running without a data file still freezes then next step is to run without the pause step to see if it still freezes.

    3. Next step is to try a different folder of images. Don’t worry about creating a data file because if step 1 still freezes without the data file then we know that isn’t the issue so we can proceed with further testing without a data file until we find the root cause.

    Let me know the results of these 3 steps and then we can move to the next steps if all 3 tests still freeze.

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