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Damon Bell

    You really want to pull those images out. If you don’t then it will slow down the batch processing. The plugin will fail for face detection for each image and move on. So it won’t stop the processing…. just takes a long time. When an image fails to detect the face on the first attempts, it rotates the image to a different angles and looks for the face again. It doesn’t this a various angles. This is how it can detect when heads are tilted. It has to go through the retry attempts for all of the angles before it fails (19 attempts per image). So it will really slow down the process.

    One work-around I have seen done by Carl Bott, is head prints an image of his own face on all of the QR code cards. that way, it will speed the program up because it will see the face on the printed card and crop to that so it won’t slow down the processing.

    So the options are….

    1. Separated the QR codes into another folder before batching.

    2. Put a face on the printed cards to speed up the processing.

    3. Just run as you are now and let it run slower. Depending on your computer speed and the number of images, it may be very slow. So you could start the batch at night and let it run through the night if you wanted. It will finish, but just not quickly.