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Damon Bell

    I am 100% certain this is an Adobe Creative Cloud App problem. A lot of their overseas support reps don’t know how to fix these issues so they try to pawn them off on 3rd party because they don’t know what else to do. It is very frustrating.

    A CCX file is just a .zip file that is renamed to .ccx. If you rename the file from .ccx to .zip then you can even unzip and look at the files. What is suppose to happen when you double click on the ccx file is Creative cloud is suppose to unzip the files and move them into place when installing… although it has a different location other than the plugins folder that the App uses.

    The only thing that can possible be wrong with a CCX is the manifest.json file which is inside the zipped ccx file can be set up incorrectly. However, this would cause the ccx file to not install for anyone at all. For isolated issues that only happen on certain computers, the only place the problem can be is on the Adobe creative cloud side.

    Installing in the plugins folder is fine. As long as Photoshop is loading new plugin versions and not the old versions then it is all good. How Photoshop handles it when there is a version installed though creative cloud at the same time a version is installed manually in the plugins folder has changed over time. It used to always use whatever was installed in the plugins folder. Then it changes to whatever was installed through Creative Cloud. It may now use whatever version is listed as newer….. not sure. In any case, having both won’t cause anything to conflict. It will just load on or the other but it will run fine. So as long as it is loading the new versions that you installed it will run fine.

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