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Damon Bell

    I just tested and it works fine on my computers. After resuming the aborted batch, it was pulling in the different templates from the CSV.

    When you restarted the batch, if you also restarted Photoshop, are you certain that you also rechecked on the setting in SPA for “Templates in CSV” and then reselect the Template folder?  This settings is easy to forget because it doesn’t show up until after you have uploaded the CSV. If you forget to turn it on then it will just use the default template that you selected in the SPA settings.

    If you are certain that everything is set up correctly, and you can repeat it on your system, then could we do a screen  share so I can see it happen?  Since I can’t repeat it on my systems, I really need to be able to see it happen so I can try to figure it out using a computer that is having the issue.  Let me know on this.

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