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    My plugin clears the feet a little better from what I can get extracted with EZGS (similar to what your action does, but slightly different). Then it applies the AI-based “Heal” filter from Retouch4Me to clean up acne and other face blemishes that is so common on the teenagers I shoot. The filter allows for the creation of a “mask” they call it, which means rather than destructively applying the filter where the pixels on the layer are altered you first duplicate the layer you want healed and the filter will replace that layer with only the pixels that the filter generates to cover the blemishes.

    I run EZGS batch, keeping all the layers in PSD format. Then my plugin batch merges the visible layers, calls the Heal filter with their “mask” option enabled, which results in replacing that merged layer with the blemish covering pixels. After running the filter on my merged layer it is replaced with the pixels that cover up the skin blemishes.

    The Heal filter has some negative side-effects, like adding pixels where there is transparency, so I use select subject to create a mask on the new heal layer. Sometimes the filter goes overboard a little and this gives me the option then of going back to individual images and erasing pixels from the new heal layer or turning it off.

    With regard to ExecuteAsModal, I am hoping that the first step in my plugin will be to invoke the command entrypoint of EZGS without being in ExecuteAsModal. The documentation doesn’t say that the IPC call has to be done while my plugin is in ExecuteModal, but the documentation isn’t always clear about that so I agree I need to do a little test. If that is true then the command in EZXGS can ExecuteAsModal and do the extraction as if I had clicked the Extract Image button on the panel. After that finishes my plugin can do the rest of the document altering work under ExecuteAsModal.

    I’ll work up a test and see if I can confirm what I hope is there. If it is, I am guessing all you would have to do is add a command entrypoint in the manifest to EZGS. I’ll let you know.