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Damon Bell

    Just curious, what does your batching plugin do?

    I know they have that command entry point system built in to do this.  However, I’m mot sure if it would work in the situation where the first plugin is already in the middle of a batch process loop that was already contained inside an “ExecuteAsModal” operation.  That may block the EZ green Screen executeAsModal command.  So it could be situational where if you had a button in one plugin then it could command another plugin….. as long as the first plugin wasn’t running an executeAsModal operation.

    Anyway, I haven’t tested so I don’t know the limitations.  When you test, make sure to test with the first plugin batching with the entry point command in the exact location you need it to be.  Then, make sure your second plugin runs an ExecuteAsModal command because that is what EZ Green Screen will do and is where there would be an issue…. if there is an issue.