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Damon Bell

    I’m not 100% sure that would work.

    I’m assuming that your plugin is UXP?

    I think that Photoshop might block EZ Green screen from running the modal execution if your plugin is already running a modal execution for the batch processing.

    Have you tested this with another plugin to see if that would work?….. or if the second plugin give an error saying that “Photoshop is not is a modal state” or something to that effect?

    Anyway, I have never looked into the command entry points in UXP or done any testing on those at all.  I do know that Photoshop won’t run actions recorded with a UXP plugin if another UXP plugin is running a batch. For example, an action recorded to playback EZ Green Screen won’t run while the Hot Folder plugin is doing a batch. It has to do with the “executeAsModal” in UXP API 2 not allowing multiple plugins to run.

    Anyway, I would be curious to hear about any testing you may have already done with one UXP batching plugin running a command entrypoint for another UXP plugin.

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