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Damon Bell

    If you want to put the extraction into a background then you just copy/paste from t e png into the new background. If the cutout still has the layers then you need to do a copy merged instead of a normal copy. See this video for that.

    If you want to automate putting the cutouts into the background in batch then you first need to batch extract all of the  images. Then you can run either the Background Swapper or Sports Photo Automation plugis. With Background swapper, you need to first have the cutouts aligned how you want. You can do this through the Face Crop plugin in batch if you want.

    What I recommend doing is using the Sports Photo Automation plugin, even if it’s not sports images. With Sports Photo Automation you will need to set up a PSD template from the background file. The template file will have setup layer that will tell the plugin how to align the cutout onto the background. The plugin can align be face and/or edge detection. that way, you don’t have to align anything manually. The plugin will take car of the scaling and alignment. This plugin is by far the best way to do it.

    Here is a link to the tutorials for all of the plugins. After watching the tutorials and you deciding which method you want to use, if you have any specific questions then please reply in this post.