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Damon Bell

    Shooting 2 different cameras can for sure mess it up because of the different resolutions.

    I don’t recommend using 2 camera for the same team.

    In order for the proportions to stay accurate, it really needs to be the same camera, same lens, same exact focal length, players all in the same spot, camera stays in the same spot.

    Even using the same camera model but 2 different lens models of the same focal length can mess it up. For example, say you have 2 different 50mm lens models. One may run closer to 52mm while the other is closer to 47mm causing a 10% height difference. Different lens models are not always the same focal length, even if rated the same. Some lens models have “focus breathing” while some don’t.

    If you must run 2 camera stations then you really need to ensure you use the same camera model and same lens model, ideally a prime lens model because if you use 2 zoom lenses then you will never get them both zoomed exactly the same. Also, you must precisely measure the distance between the camera and where the players stand and make sure each station is exactly the same.

    Thee is a lot of potential for messing up proportions if running multiple shooting stations for the same team.

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