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Damon Bell

    H+H Color Lab has a program that can export TSV files for using with Pixnub and will link directly to the product packages for each image. It is a good system.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “lab ready”.  The main issue with creating SPA to be directly compatible with the labs is every lab has a different system.  So there is no way to make SPA have a universal file that just works with other labs data systems. H+H is the only lab that has a program to directly bridge their data and reformat it into an SPA usable file.

    The H+H system is really good. It might be worth checking out.

    Beyond that, there is not a lot else I can offer.  SPA needs data in a certain format. However, there are so many ways that photographers collect data and the incoming data has many different formats. There is no way that I can make a system that can conform to the hundreds of ways that users can present their data. Therefore, it is up to the photographer to get the data into an SPA ready format in whatever method they choose.