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Damon Bell

    Face detection issues are caused by a GPU compatibility issue in Photoshop.  If the GPU is turned on in the Photoshop preferences then the other 2 cause would be an outdated GPU driver or the GPU is no longer fully compatible with the latest Photoshop release.

    In the Photoshop menu go to Help > GPU compatibility.  What does the pop up message say? Does it say the driver is outdated or the GPU is not compatible?

    If the driver is outdated then try updating the GPU driver.

    If the GPU driver is updated and it still doesn’t work then please try running in Photoshop 2023 instead of Photoshop 2024. If you no longer have Photoshop 2023 installed then go to the CC App. Under the Photoshop installation right click on the 3 dots  next to the Photoshop version listed as installed and select “Other Versions”. It will then allow you to install Photoshop 2023 and will also keep 2024 on the computer.

    Let me know after you have looked into these things. However, I am out of the office all day and won’t have computer access again until around 10 PM tonight. So I won’t be able to respond again until then.