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Damon Bell

    SPA should work fine with the latest Photoshop release. You might have a corrupted Photoshop preferences file.  In the new Photoshop version, please go to the preferences in the General Section. Then select “Reset preferences on quit”.  Then restart Photoshop and try again.

    If that doesn’t work then it may be that your GPU is not compatible with the latest Photoshop release and Face Detection might not work in Photoshop with that GPU.  In Photoshop, go to Help > GPU compatibility.  Does that popup say the GPU is compatible and the driver is up to date?  I have seen outdated drivers cause face detection to not work in newer Photoshop releases and updating the drivers has fixed it.

    For sure, the issue is not with SPA itself.  Almost everyone is running it on the latest Photoshop release. There is something going on with Photoshop on your computer.