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Damon Bell

    Are you certain the hard drive you are saving too is not full?

    If that is not is then are you saving to a local drive or a network drive?  If you are trying to save to a network drive then please set up a folder on the Desktop and run a few images to see if it can save there.

    If those are not the issue the the first troubleshooting step is to determine if SPA can finishing building the composite, in which case it won’t try to save…. or if it finishes building the composite and tries to save but can’t.

    In order to determine this, run the batch again. Except this time check on the check bot in the SPA settings that says “Pause on finished image”. This will pause for you to do Photoshop edits on each image before it saves.

    If SPA builds the composite and stops for you to edit then we will know it is building the composites fine and the issue is with saving. However, if SPA never pauses and just continues to run then there is an an issues with either the PSD or CSV and it never finishes building the composite and aborts each time and moves to the next image.

    LEt me know the answers to these things and we will go from there.