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Damon Bell

    It could be a corrupted Photoshop preferences file. I have seen that cause strange issues.

    Please try resetting the Photoshop preferences. Go into the preferences, and into the General section. Click “Reset Preferences On Quit”.  Then restart Photoshop and try again.

    It may not fix the issue. However, it is the next thing we need to try because I have seen this fix a lot of strange issues that had no explanation for why it was happening. The PS prefs files have been problematic for over a decade for becoming corrupted and causing strange issues.

    Let me know if that fixes it. If not then we’ll need to dig deeper.  I have never seen SPA do what you are saying. If resetting the preferences doesn’t fix it then I’ll need to think about wheat we can try next.  Whatever the issue is, it is specific to your one computer.  So we will need to figure out what on your machine is causing it to lock up.