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Damon Bell

    In you TSV, you have the column headers for the text resizing incorrect.  You have NAME and TEAMNAME each in the headers twice. For the resize columns it should be RESIZE-NAME and RESIZE-TEAMNAME.

    For sure, the resizing of the test won’t work unless you fix that. It also would maybe enter the resize code for the etxt instead of the actual name. Not sure how it would treat it with redundant column names.

    Regarding it not processing at all, I don’t think the duplicate column headers will cause it to no process but I’m not 100% sure. It my cause it to not load the data correctly at all.

    Anyway, the column headers need fixed anyway. So please fix those first and then try to use the TSV again.  If it still won’t run then there has to be a mis-match in the file names. please send me 2 of the cutout files to test if is still won’t run after fixing the TSV.