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Damon Bell

    The “clear area outside of screen” checkbox will not for that image because the feet are stick past the bottom of the screen.  The remove floor action will only remove the floor but not the sides.

    Probably the best thing to do would be to batch crop the images to crop off the sides tat are outside of the screen. Then use the remove floor action but DON’T check the remove area outside of screen checkbook.

    In the “action hacks” downloads there are also auto clear actions. These can be used when the feet stick past the screen.  In order to use them, you must ensure the “celar area outside screen” is not checked as that will interfere with the auto clear actions. I think there is one for “zero px” radius that would attempt to cutout around the feet. however, I wouldn’t trust that around the hair.

    What you could maybe do is combine the auto clear 50 px radius action and the remove floor action.  With the 50 pix radius, it won’t mess up the hair or other edges and will only clear everything 50 pix away from the subject.  This protects the hair. The you could use the remove floor action which will cutout out right up to the edges but only for the bottom of the frame so again not messing up the hair extraction.   You could possibly combine these 2 actions into 1 action.

    However, it may be easier to just do the first sugestion which is to crop off the sides in batch first. Then use the remove floor action, with the “clear area” checkbox on.