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Damon Bell

    You may need to contact Adobe.  It could be that Photoshop is no longer compatible with that GPU.  Your GPU is an integrated graphics on the CPU chip, not a dedicated GPU card.  Photoshop doesn’t typically do well with older integrated graphics. It does much better with a dedicated Graphics Processor card.

    In Photoshop, open an image and go to Filter>Liquify. Under the face Aware Liquify, does it show any faces listed in the dropdown? If not, then the issue is for sure 100% in Photoshop.  If this is the case then I would contact Adobe and tell them you are trying to use the Face Aware Liquify tool and your GPU is not working with it. If Adobe can fix that, then Face Crop will work. However, I suggest not telling Adobe that you are having issues with Face Crop. That gives their chat support tech an easy way out of the ticket because they will just blame 3rd party on the first chance they get.  If you stick to having them try to fix it for Face Aware Liquify then they will have to own the issue.

    All of the Pixnub plugins actually use the Face Detection from the liquify tool. Pixnub taps into that for the face coordinates. So if the Photoshop Face Aware Liquify itself doesn’t work, then Pixnub doesn’t work.

    Anyway, let me know what you find out from Adobe.

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