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Damon Bell

    This is a Photoshop issue…. by design on Adobe side.

    The issue is that Adobe doesn’t allow 2 plugins from the “Plugins” menu to run at the same time. They hardcoded this in order to prevent plugins from conflicting with each other. So, when Hot Folder is running, only Hot Folder can control Photoshop and no other plugins from the “Plugins” menu are allowed to run.

    Adobe only recently added the ability for plugins in the Plugins menu to be recorded into an action.  So I updated EZ green Screen to be recordable.  I then noticed this limitation and reported to Adobe.  However, I don’t have a clear answer from Adobe for whether they will update Photoshop to allow multiple plugins to access Photoshop controls at the same time.

    So the bottom line is that unless Adobe changes this behavior, it isn’t possible. My guess is they won’t change this behavior because it prevents plugin conflicts and it would probably be a fairly major change to make it work.

    Also, EZ Green Screen is the only plugin that will record into an action. I was going to also update Face Crop to be action recordable. However, when I saw this restriction, I decided to not update it. I also considered removing the action recordability in EZ Green Screen until Adobe changes the way it works since it is pretty much useless right now.  I kept it in place though.

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