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Damon Bell

    The template PSD files would need to be built from scratch. The center graphics template has around 90 PSD files to make all of the layouts. It was a lot of work to make so many PSD files so I didn’t feel like doing it twice. I made it 5×7 for 2 reasons.

    1. 5×7 slots typically work OK with 4×5 images so they can be used with either. That isn’t true for 4×5 slots. With 5×7 slots, if you give it 4×5 images, it just crops a little on the sides and typically looks fine. However, 4×5 slots don’t work well with 5×7 files because it then has to crop top and bottom which doesn’t work in most cases. Since 5×7 usually work with either, I decided that was the best option.

    2. With layouts for large groups, I though 5×7 looked better because you can fit more on each row as the are narrower. With 4×5 you need to reduce the number per row which increase the number of rows, or use the same number per row but it then need to scale down because of the wider width. In either case, the faces usually end up larger when using 5×7 slots for the same number of students. I tried both ways and 5×7 just seemed to work better.

    With all of this said, I have a layout maker I am working on that I hope to have released this spring. When that is done, you will be able to build you own layouts so you could make a center graphics with 4x5s. Right now, it would be a lot of work and it fairly complicated so I don’t recommend doing it. I would just use the layout with the 5×7 slots for now.