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Damon Bell

    You need to ensure that everything in the workflow is set to sRGB.  Part of your workflow is sRGB and part is Adobe RGB 1998, Pro Photo RGB, or another RGB profile.

    1. Pre-cutout images must be sRGB

    2. The Photoshop working space must be sRGB

    3.The PSD template must be sRGB

    4. In Background Swapper, select sRGB
    /or Image Extract will not be able to embed the color profile because Photoshop can’t do that for PNG from the plugins.

    5. Saving as TIF is best if doing your own cutouts because TIF will embed the sRGB color space in the file when the plugins run to do the cutouts.  Cutouts saved as PNG will not have the sRGB colorspace embedded because Photoshop can’t do that from the plugins in PNG. So it will be “untagged” RGB,  which will be assumed to be sRGB if the Photoshop working space is also sRGB. So as long as everything else in the workflow is sRGB then PNG will work. However, for any mismatches it will cause color shifting.  In the case of TIF, it can typically adjust for profile mis-matches because the profile is embedded and it can convert as needed.  Too much to explain here.

    So the bottom line is you need to find out what part of your workflow isn’t set to sRGB and correct that part of the workflow.  That could be your camera set to save as Adobe RGB, or LR set to Export as Adobe RGB, the PS workspace set to Adobe RGB, the PSD template set to Adobe RGB, etc.

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