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Damon Bell

    To be perfectly honest about it. It is very tough to create a Photoshop plugin that will do as well as the cloud AI services. there just isn’t any way to build that type of AI into the plugins. The extraction plugins are as good as I could make it so they just kind of are what they are.  The extraction plugins art not even what I consider to be Pixnub’s flagship plugins. Sports Photo Automation, EZ Team Builder and Face Crop are what I consider as Pixnub’s main plugins and is where I focus most of my efforts.  Composite automation is where i see Pixnub value and not so much in the extraction plugins.  The bottom line anyway is that I’ve improved it as much as I can within the constraints of the Adobe plugin system for what is capable there. So there really isn’t any more I can do to improve it anyway. I wish there was.

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