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Damon Bell

    based on looking at your images, you are extracting green and putting onto white. This generally does not work as well. The hair takes the darkness of the green screen.  The spill correction will remove the green cast but doesn’t fix the brightness so the edge hairs will be darker than the white. If the end result is you want to extract and put onto white then using a lastolite is a better choice. However, if the end result is you want to put on a darker background then green screen is often a betetr choice than lastolite becua eth lastolite edges can be too bright if you cut out and put onto a darker background.

    In general, if you choose a background that is not too dark or too light then most images will blend OK from the green screen extractions. If you choose a white background then blonde hair will look too dark. If you use a black background the dark hair will look too light on the edges. Also, how bright you light the green screen plays a role.

    With Easy Green Screen 8, if you use the “dual mask manual” then it will have hair color fix options for Blonde, Brown, etc.  However, that is only available on the Dual Mask Manual mode.  So to batch, you would have to lasso each image. This would work best to separate the images in to different folder based on hair color. Or in the batch you could run the “extract +edit” mode. The when each image pops up in Photoshop, edit the hair color fix layer and use the eye dropper to match the hair color.

    As much as I wish there was better way there really isn’t. See this video showing the hair blend options and watch the dual mask settings with the hair color fix layer.  This may be more work than you want to do.  The online services may have better AI to fix hair brightness.  I know with Rebooku, with the more expensive option, they have an actual person fine tuning the hair color (at least they did in the past) for each image which is why it costs more.