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Damon Bell

    Are you using the same template for everyone that has a number on the template?

    First thing to point out is that if you have blanks in the CSV it won’t erased the placeholder text in the PSD. This is by design. In some situation, [people have default text in the PSD and they want to use the default text when there isn’t text to replace it with. So because of that, blanks will leave the default text in the CSV.

    There are 2 ways to force empty text.

    Method 1 –  Set up the text layer with the default text size same as you normally would, but hide the layer in the PSD template (uncheck the layer) and save the PSD with the text layer hidden.  For any CSV cells that have an entry, it will unhide the layer and replace the text. For any blank cells, the layer in the PSD will stay hidden.

    Method 2 – If you don’t hide the layer in the PSD then you can enter NOTEXT into those CSV cells. Anywhere it says NOTEXT, SPA will erase the default text in the PSD temaplte.

    See this video