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Damon Bell

    The CSV TEXR Column was really added for the future when I have am automated template layout designer. That will make it easier to create templates. My plan is to work on the layout designer over the winter and have it ready for the spring graduation season. Basically you will just create one layer group. Then the layout designer would automatically duplicate the group a bunch of times and arrange the layout.

    If I didn’t add the CSV TEXR column earlier then it would have created a lot more work to add the column option later. So I built the option into the program so it would be ready to go when the layout designer was done.

    Until the layout designer is done, you would need to build the entire PSD template set by hand. So yes, it is a lot of work.  If it is just one layout of 30 then it is doable. But if you are wanting to fix the layout for 28,29,30,31, etc then it would be a ton of work.

    Thids probably isn’t the answer you want to hear. However, it is what it is.