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Damon Bell

    mode 1 is just sizing by the facial features. I’m not sure why some are scaling larger than the others. If you send me files 7981 and 7982 then I’d like to look at the face recognition on those. However, I doubt I can change how it is seeing the faces. But I would still like to look at it so I can understand it.

    If the cutouts have feet, and don’t have a foot mat or anything in from of the feet in the cutout, then a much more accurate mode would be modes 2 or 3.  Those will scale from the feet to the head. Just scale to place the red line for the feet below the bottom of the canvas. The software will still find it.  However, don’t use modes 2 and 3 if the images are cropped in camera without feet. When doing that, it will scale so the bottom of the cutout is on the red line. So if you don’t crop in camera exactly the same way for each image then modes 2 and 3 are not a good choice and the in camera crop variations will show in the composites.