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Damon Bell

    I had this in the old beta release tutorials. But when I remade the tutorial I guess I didn’t get it made.

    It is basically just a sort function for the spreadsheet. It doesn’t actually match the number in the cell to the number in the PSD. All it does is sort the CSV by that column numerically.  So if you put just the number 5 in a cell and nothing else in the other cells, the cell with the number 5 will get forced into the first slot and go into slot 1.

    Also, anything that is blank gets 10,000 put into the cell before it sorts. That way you can force image to the back to. So it you want an image in slot 1 then put 1 in that cell.  You don’t need to add the rest.  You can just put the number 1 in that cell only.  Also, If you want to force something to the last slot you can just put 10,001 in the cell. Anything blank gets 10,000 put into the cell.  Then whatever you entered 10,001 for will get pushed to the last positiion. That way you can force an image to the back without having to enter in all of the numbers.