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Damon Bell

    Image Extract runs the extraction process which requires a flattened image. Running it on an already extracted image won’t work because it flattens the image first which adds solid white to transparent areas.

    For touchup, I really don’t know because I don’t know how Skylab gives you the files. If the files have the original layer with an editable mask then you can use the Select and Mask in Photoshop to touch up the mask,. However, if the transparency is directly applied to the layer then you are kind of stuck with what you got.  You can erase more area. However, you won’t be able to get back what was previously erased without a mask.  Also, you need a mask to touch up with Select and Mask.

    My guess is they are sending you back png files which won’t have an editable mask.  In any case, you don’t want to run Image Extract on the files that are already extracted regardless of the layer structure in the extractions.  Any touchups would need to be directly in Photoshop for images you get back from skylab.

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